Renting of Premises

Renting of Premises
African Union
Imagen de la sede de Casa África


Casa África has its headquarters in an emblematic building of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, located between the Plaza de la Feria and the Obelisco.

As well as housing the institution's administrative offices, the building has facilities that allow it to hold different activities in very privileged surroundings that mix tradition with modernity.

Casa África offers a range of options so that your event’s organisation will be a total success: a courtyard that is ideal for either day or night time events, 3 exhibition halls, an auditorium with a capacity for 110 people, a meeting room with cabins for simultaneous translation and another video conferencing room.




Casa África's courtyard is the building's jewel in the crown,
which is  occupied by the Consortium. It has a net surface area of
240 m2.

A multitude of
different events, from radio programmes
to book presentations, cocktails for
exhibitions, concerts, etc. are organised in it.

Casa África also has two marquees
that can be set up in the courtyard, which are normally
used when lunches are organised.

The courtyard leads to Casa África's rear entrance,
which aids logistics. It is also the entry
to the three exhibition halls, which
are normally occupied by exhibitions with an
African theme.


SURFACE AREA: Net area of 240 m2.
CAPACITY: Standing room for 175 people, seated
100 people if set up theatre-style and 50
if set up school-style.

Patio central en la sede de Casa África
Espacios de Casa África disponibles en alquiler: Sala Sahel
Espacios de Casa África disponibles en alquiler: Sala Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro Room
SURFACE AREA: Net area of 62 m2.
CAPACITY: 48 people if set up theatre-style
and 24 for school-style.

Equatorial Guinea Room
SURFACE AREA: Net area of 72 m2.
CAPACITY: 105 people if set up theatre-style
and 52 for school-style.

Sahel Room
SURFACE AREA: Net area of 47 m2.
CAPACITY: 55 people if set up theatre-style
and 27 for school-style.

Auditorio Nelson Mandela. Espacio de Casa África disponible en alquiler


SURFACE AREA: 98m2 + 74 m2 adjacent areas

CAPACITY: 69 people seated with the possibility of increasing it with 40 folding chairs

Table for speakers: 4 people
2 cabins for simultaneous translation (with capacity for 2 people per cabin) and simultaneous translation equipment for 100 people.
Video screen and projector.
Sound equipment with rack adapted for the media.
Equipment for video conferences.
2 wireless microphones. 

The Auditorium, located on Casa África's second floor, allows presentations, conferences, talks and round tables for a public of up to 100 people to be organised. It is a versatile are, as its structure even allows for it to be divided for simultaneous events.
 It has an entrance area that can be used for the accreditation of participants and another that is usually used for catering (coffee breaks and even lunch). There is a small office where to organise or arrange things needed for the catering or for a provisional office.




The recent renovations of Casa África's Board Room, where two simultaneous translation cabins have been added, make it an ideal venue for meetings, worktables and presentations. The room has two entrances for easy entry and exit.

CAPACITY: Meeting room for 30 people
Microphones: 15 (to be used by 30 people)
Simultaneous translation: two cabins with video system (8m2)




We have a 39m2  room on the second floor, next to the Nelson Mandela Auditorium, where conferences for a maximum of 12 people are organised. It has a drop-down screen, so that a projector can be set up and it also  has video conferencing equipment.

CAPACITY: 12 people
Video conferencing equipment

Espacios de Casa África disponibles en alquiler: Sala de Videoconferencias



  • Catering services in collaboration with external suppliers
  • Reserved parking at the main entrance for three vehicles
  • Accessibility. Lift at the main entrance for disabled people as well as access ramps to the courtyard as well as disabled toilets 
  • Free wi-fi
  • Reception service between 8:00 and 18:30

For more information:

Telf.: (+34) 928 432 800
Distance to the Canteras (Auditorium): 4.4 km
Distance to Mesa and López area: 3.5 Km
Distance to Gran Canaria (Telde) airport: 22.4 km
Buses with a stop nearby: 1, 2, 11, 22, 25, 35, 81
Nearby parking: Calle León y Castillo, 53; Calle Carvajal, s/n; Calle Venegas (Plaza de los Derechos Humanos)
Accessibility. Yes

If you require further information on booking terms, rates or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to assist you.