#ÁfricaEsNoticia: Presentation of the book “Así se domina el mundo” (How the world is ruled) by Pedro Baños

19 and 20 February 2018 in the Canary Islands
#ÁfricaEsNoticia: Presentación del libro 'Así se domina el mundo. Desvelando las claves del poder mundial', de Pedro Baños. 19 de febrero en Gran Canaria. 20 de febrero en Tenerife

Alliances, manipulation, rivalry, psychological warfare... these are the key aspects of global geostrategy.

After the Second World War, the science of geopolitics lost some of its importance. However, the complexity of the current situation means geopolitics has regained significance over the past few years. How do countries relate to each other? What are their power strategies?

In this book, strategy expert Colonel Pedro Baños introduces us to the mysteries of the games of domination played between countries and reveals the keys to world power and the tricks of the trade: effective universal rules which enable us to achieve our objectives by manipulating our adversaries.

Through numerous examples, he shows us that there are a series of classic strategies which have prevailed over time - all of which have a background of hypocrisy and take advantage of the weaknesses of others. We will also discover the series of geopolitical errors that have been repeating themselves throughout history. Because, although nowadays the rules have changed, this is a field with fixed foundations.

As part of the #ÁfricaEsNoticia presentations on current affairs, Casa África welcomes Pedro Baños to talk about his book. Through the science of geopolitics and its practical application, geostrategy, he will describe some of the key concepts that drive the dynamics of power in the world, explain how new technological advances are influencing traditional geopolitics and help us understand who dominates the world, how and why. Colonel Baños is an expert analyst and is highly knowledgeable about Africa. As part of his presentation, he will analyse Africa’s past, present and future role in the ruthless and relentless “art” of geopolitics.

Pedro Baños is an Army Colonel and a Staff College Graduate, currently in the reserve force. He has been Head of Counterintelligence and Security of the European Army Corps in Strasbourg. He participated in missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina (UNPROFOR, SFOR and EUFOR) and today is one of the leading specialists in geopolitics, strategy, defence, security, terrorism, intelligence and international relations. He has published hundreds of articles on security, some of which have a particular focus on Africa.

Your opportunity to listen to Pedro Baños speak about geostrategy and reveal the keys to world power is on

  • Monday 19 February at 7:00 p.m. in Casa África’s Nelson Mandela Auditorium. Pedro Baños will be introduced by the director general of Casa África, Luis Padrón. See the poster
  • On Tuesday 20 February at 7:00 p.m. in the Almeyda Barracks in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Calle de Santiago, 118). Pedro Baños will be introduced by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Island Council of Tenerife, Delia Herrera, and Casa África’s Head of Communications, Joan Tusell. See the poster

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