Vis a Vis 2016 Tour

During the month of July 2016 in different Spanish cities
Presentación del libro «Crónicas. El Sáhara desde Canarias» de Manuel Vidal. El 19 de septiembre de 2019 a las 19:30h en Casa África

Vis a Vis is the Professional Meeting between Spanish cultural promoters and African musicians which Casa África has held in the neighbouring continent for seven years.

Djarabikan and Spyrow, the two groups who won the 2016 competition held in Abidjan, now begin a tour that will take them to different Spanish cities performing at the summer festivals which participate in the programme.

Djarabikan is a group of young musicians who work with traditional percussion instruments from the north of the country, including the most traditional Ivory Coast instrument: the balafon [a kind of wooden xylophone].

Spyrow, the other winner, is a reggae artist who is well-known within the Ivory Coast and has collaborated with some of the country’s greatest writers.

They are each now starting their summer tour. Their July programme schedule is:

  • 1 July - FUERTEVENTURA - Djarabikan at the Festival Fuerteventura en Música
  • 2 July - FUERTEVENTURA - Spyrow at the Festival Fuerteventura en Música
  • 8 July - TENERIFE - Spyrow at the Festival MUMES
  • 9 July - GRAN CANARIA - Heineken Jazz Festival Canarias Jazz&Más, which revives Africa Night with performances from Spyrow and Djarabikan. African music then continues in THE PAPER CLUB, which has organised World Party Africa with sets from DJs Ridoo and Javier Freniche.
  • 10 July - TENERIFE - Djarabikan at the Festival MUMES
  • 12 July - PAMPLONA - Spyrow in concert at the Festival of San Fermin (Park Antoniutti)
  • 15 July - CARTAGENA - Djarabikan at the Festival La Mar de Músicas
  • 15 July - CADIZ - Spyrow at the Festival Al Rumbo in Chipiona
  • 16 July - JAÉN - Djarabikan and Spyrow at the Festival Etnosur
  • 18 July - HUESCA - Djarabikan and Spyrow at the Festival Pirineos Sur
  • 23 July - CARTAGENA - Spyrow at the Festival La Mar de Músicas
  • 25 July - AMOREBIETA - Performance by Spyrow in the Plaza de Zubiondo
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