Exhibition: "The power of the Himba woman"

From 7th October to 5th November, 2020, Sahel Room, Casa África
Exposición: "El poder de la mujer himba". Del 7 de octubre al 5 de noviembre 2020 en la Sala Sahel de Casa África
This exhibition by the Cadiz photographer Jorge Vilartells the story of the life of the Himba tribe from the Kunene region (northeast Namibia, Africa) and places particular emphasis on the vitally important role of women in this culture.

Gender equality in our society, always in the spotlight and constantly debated, is an extremely interesting and prominent subject. The object of this exhibition is to show the matriarcal Himba culture to our own society and provoke a comparative reflection on the essential role of women in this culture.

Whilst well travelled in places such as Ecuador, Jordan, Egypt, Dubai or the Arctic Circle, the African continent was the first place to inspire Jorge Vilar to create an exhibition comprising 30 photographs (26 color and 4 black and white, 65 x 45 cm. photographs).

To walk around the exhibition, the author recommends visitors to bring their own headphones as well as their mobile, so as to enjoy a fuller experience while listening to the audio, in which Vilar himself tells the story that lies behind each photograph.

«The power of the Himba woman is the biography of a

woman who bears the weight of a society»

You can visit the exhibition at the Sala Sahel, Casa África from 7th October to 5th November, 2020, following at all times the regulations imposed by the pandemic:

  • Restricted access to the rooms depending on their capacity
  • Face masks are to be worn
  • At the entrance, the security staff will:
    • Take down your details
    • Provide hydroalcoholic hand gel
    • Take your temperature
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