Creative residency for the Rary dance company

Del 5 al 23 de octubre
Residencia creativa de la compañía de danza Rary

The Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera (C/ Real 31, S.S. de La Gomera) has been chosen by the Rary dance company for a residency of just over two weeks during which workshops and exchanges between artists and the general public will take place.

The desire to carry out a residency in a specific location resulted from Ariry´s visit to La Gomera, in the Africa-Spain Choreography Meeting organised by Casa África, in collaboration with the Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera.
Ariry believes that interacting with the people of La Gomera will be a good source of inspiration for this residency. Additionally, exchange workshops and contemporary dance training will be offered to complete the purely creative residency. The rocky land, the people, and the Centro Coreográfico of this island fit well with the continued focus on VATO.

VATO, a Madagascan word that means "rock," is a theme that has inspired a large number of artists from various eras and countries.

In imaginary Madagascan, a united nation is like a house made of rock, a metaphor of its being able to withstand present day challenges.

In this work, the theme will be performed by Ariry Andriamoratsiresy and five dancers from the RARY COMPANY.

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