Casa África collaborates with the Vega de San Mateo reading club

Noviembre 2010
Club de Lectura

In its aim of continuing to bring Africa and Spain closer together through the African continent´s culture and the promotion of its extremely vast literature collection, Casa África is collaborating on this occasion with the Vega de San Mateo Library´s Reading Club, which has selected Trilogía de Z Town (Z Town Trilogy) by Achmat Dangor for this November. Casa África has provided copies of the book for the members of this young club, which was founded only a year ago in this municipality of Gran Canaria and which currently has approximately 15 members.

Both the title selected as well as its author are tied to South Africa, which is quite possibly the African nation with the most solid literary tradition. Its two Nobel Prize winners (Nadine Gordimer and JM Coetzee) have been able to make their voices heard around the world. However, this country´s literature is far wealthier: blacks, mixed races, Asians and whites have joined extremely diverse literary currents. Of these, Achmat Dangor (South Africa, 1948), president of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and author of Trilogía de Z Town  (Z Town Trilogy), a great novel about Apartheid, stands out for his fantastic style and personal commitment. In this work, Achmat Dangor recreates life in a black ghetto subjected to the tyrannous authority of an administrator that is capable of anything.

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