Creative residency for the Gabonese dancer Peter Nkoghé

Del 11 al 21 de febrero 2011
Residencia creativa. Compañía de danza

Casa África and its África en Movimiento (Africa in Motion) programme continue supporting contemporary African dance with creative residencies such as the one arranged with the Rary dance company, from Madagascar.

On this occasion, the Gabonese dancer Peter Nkoghé will reside from February 11th to 21st at the Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera to offer his dance and poetry performance titled Ils seront 2 et 3 pour commencer (It Will Be 2 and 3 to Start).

This choreography creation is a show of contemporary dance and poetry with present day music, and it includes two dancers, one poet and a music DJ.

The members of this creative residency are:

  • Peter Nkoghé: a Gabonese dancer and choreographer who entered the world of dance through traditional dance. He discovered dancing at the age of 11 in the street. In 1997, he joined the Adiaïsse traditional dance and music company, of which he was the artistic director during four years.
  • Jenny Braizat: poetry artist. Written poetry and classical dance are what awaken her artistic side.
  • Aurélie Berland: dancer and choreographer who, after having worked in many dances, specialises in contemporary dance.
  • Jonathan Fenez: self-taught composer, DJ and musician who brings games and instinct to his musical career.

The África en Movimiento (Africa in Motion) programme is a Casa  África initiative for promoting the presence of African stage artists in Spain, with the premises of public diplomacy for cultural cooperation events that are applied by the institution, avoiding paternalism and using these disciplines to bring Africa and Spain closer together. 

Initially, the programme will be focused on contemporary African dance, although it does not exclude the idea of becoming involved with other arts.  The confirmation that an enormous amount of choreographic wealth exists in the neighbouring continent, which has yet to be discovered by Spanish audiences, has been the deciding factor for setting this programme into motion.

Just as is stated in the 2nd Africa Plan, Africa en Movimiento addresses the desire to "contribute towards improving mutual knowledge between Spanish society and African societies by fostering the dissemination of a plural and contemporary image of both, and promoting exchange and collaboration processes between the two cultures."  Following this principle, Casa África´s commitment to Pan-African stage arts rests on these objectives:

1.    To bring Africa closer to public Spanish opinions by using stage arts to provide a real image of the continent, its potential and heterogeneity.

2.    To work closely with the professional stage arts industry in Africa so as to understand its interests and priorities, contributing towards finding potential counterparts in Spain and promoting contact.

3.    To act as a speaker of this industry´s interests and priorities for Spain and the European Union.

4.    To promote creative residencies of African dancers/choreographers in Spain´s choreography centres.  For 2011, Casa África has planned to collaborate with three choreography centres of reference in our country:  the Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera, the Mercat de les Flors and the Centro Párraga.

The artistic residencies at the Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera were established with the objective of hosting creators during short stays in order to collaborate with offering African creations in its facilities. The Centro Coreográfico will offer a public performance of the work up to the point that has been reached in the creative process. Thanks to this, residents of San Sebastián de La Gomera will be able to enjoy the varied regional, national and international offering of dance and arts in motion.

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