Presentation of the GuinGuinBali annual report

El 17 de marzo de 2011 a las 19:30h

GuinGuinBali, an open window to Africa. This information portal about the neighbouring continent was established with this theme, and it now celebrates its first anniversary while maintaining that same philosophy. To celebrate the event and to share what these first twelve months have consisted of, GuinGuinBali will present an annual report where, as in many other events, it will rely on the support of Casa África, both with a text by its General Director, Ricardo Martínez, as well as in using the organisation´s offices for the presentation event.

GuinGuinBali plans to present this annual report at Casa África in an institutional event held in the auditorium, accompanied by people related to Africa, summarising its first year of existence and with video conference connections with its collaborators in Africa.

In the GuinGuinBali annual report: Africa in 2010 includes the best informational pieces--news reports, interviews and analyses--that have been published on the Internet throughout this past year, in addition to never before seen materials that help to contextualise the information.

The event will consist of a brief presentation that will contextualise the work normally done by news media about Africa and a summary of GuinGuinBali´s first year as a trans-national communication medium that is specialised in the African continent. The event will begin at 19:30 in the Casa África auditorium.

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