Film season: University of Burgos Film and Audiovisual Hall

At 8:30 pm
On January 7, 14, 21 and 28
Cine Africano Burgos

With the success of the previous editions, the season dedicated to African films is becoming a programme classic at the the University of Burgos Film Hall.

African films are, like almost everything that occurs in that continent, greatly forgotten. For that reason, this university would like to dedicate some of its time to disseminate a small part of its culture. With the assistance of the Tarifa Film Festival (FCAT), of which the 6th edition was held this year, and the Cinenomada initiative that is supported by Casa Africa in order to promote films that are beautiful, interesting, and above all, that help us break away from preconceived ideas about what we can find beyond our borders, and shed light on the tremendous diversity of the African culture.

This year highlights the presence of three producers: Karin Albou, Dalila Ennadre and Ravneet Sippy Chadha.

The films will be shown at the Centro Cultural Caja de Burgos (Caja de Burgos Cultural Centre) on January 7, 14, 21 and 28, at 8:30 pm. Admission is 2, and the following films will be shown:

  • El canto de las novias / The Bridal Song / Le Chant des mariées, by Karin Albou (France/Tunisia, 2008)
  • Mi cielo secreto / My Secret Sky / Izulu lami, by Madoda Ncayiyana (South Africa, 2008)
  • Mascaradas / Masquerades / Mascarades, by Lyes Salem (Algeria/France, 2008)
  • He amado tanto / I Loved So Much / Jai tant aimé, by Dalila Ennadre (Morocco, 2007)
  • Te quiero / I Love You, by Rogério Manjate (Mozambique, 2007)
  • Subira, by Ravneet Sippy Chadha (Kenya, 2007)
  • Waramutsého! / Hello!, by Bernard Auguste Kouemo Yanghu (Cameroon,2008)


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