Graffrica. African Urban Art

from 22nd March to 7th September 2012
Arte urbano en las salas de Casa África

Casa África will house this exhibition in its halls from 22nd March to 7th September 2012, which covers the work of five artists who have different forms of urban art. It is a good reason for reflection on the relationship between Spain and Africa, and also on that which exists artistically together with the conservation of the environment.

Of the five artists, three come from Africa, a huge continent with its variety of cultures, races and languages, something that Casa África wants to bring closer to Spain so everyone can know about it. This variety is its main wealth and the link of all of this diversity. The two Spanish artists in this exhibition are references of two very different generations of urban artists. Although they were born barely five kilometres apart, they met up in Africa two years ago whilst collaborating on a project managed by this exhibition's curator, Nicolás de la Carrera, and from then on have regularly worked together although they live at opposite ends of the country.

Casa África wants to especially thank Eurotex, Fergasor, Montana Cans, Dos por Dos Grupo Imagen and FBG Fingerboard & Graffiti for their enthusiasm and sponsorship, without which the exhibition Graffrica. Arte Urbano Africano would not have been possible.

In Africa, the difference between original cultures and western ones is an advantage for the continent's real original artists. In Casablanca, Dakar, Lagos or Johannesburg, it is easier for urban artists to appear different from those original ones of Nueva York or Philadelphia when compared to those of Madrid, London or Paris, due to the cultural differences between African and western cities. It is in this difference we find the wealth of African artists like those of this exhibition who should make the most of it.

Graffrica wants to be a link between African and European art and should remind us of the connection we should not forget.

The artists: There is a link between them all, as they have sometimes met up in Dakar or in Bilbao, and this time they all gather in Casa África due to GRAFFRICA 2012.

  • LOPEZ DE GUEREÑU. Bilbao, 1963. Graduated in 1982 from CEIA in Paris and in 1983 from the Communication and Design Centre of Madrid.
  • IKER MURO. He qualified as a higher technician in graphic design and advertising graphics in the Canary Islands, and started his professional career in Bilbao in 2001, after several months as an intern in a large agency.
  • RABIE El Addouni was born in 1981 in the Moroccan town of Meknes and since he was young he has stood out as a multi-purpose artist, especially as a painter.
  • MIZERABLES GRAFF. This union was created spontaneously in 1999 between two young people on the outskirts of Dakar: Deep and Big Key.

Inauguration: Thursday 22nd March at 19:00h at Casa África's headquarters. With DJ Kali in the background, the artists will sign the collective mural and be followed by Mizerables Graff's performance of Posesión. See invitation

The artists of Graffica will also paint a mural together with all of those that want to register in the activity promoted by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as part of its theme month. It is Desarrocio: Community mural "Urban Art in the Campus"

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