2nd Meeting of Women who Change the World

From 23rd March to 1st April 2012
II Encuentro de Mujeres que Transforman el Mundo

With the spirit of showing the reality of women in the different parts of the world and from different environments, last year "Woman. 1st Meeting with women that change the world" was created, an initiative from the Department of Culture of  Segovia Town Council. This year, and due to how well it was received by the public, the quality of the guests and the success achieved, we repeat this experience with "Woman II", thanks to the sponsorship of the Charitable and Cultural Foundation of Caja Segovia and Casa África.

Príncipe de Asturias Awards for International Cooperation, well known and award winning activists, filmmakers, journalists and correspondents with solid careers will hold face to face meetings,  which will take place from 23rd March to1st April  at the emblematic site of the old Segovian prison , converted last year into a creation centre and space for art.

The struggle for gender equality is the transversal aim of the current Plan Africa and the Master Plan of  Spanish cooperation and they have chosen the month of March to be the month that commemorates International Women's Day We must point out that this meeting includes, for the first time and with Casa África's support, the presence of two well known African activists:

  • The Congolese journalist Caddy Adzuba
  • The Nigerian doctor and social activist Olayinka Koso-Thomas, Príncipe Asturias Award for Cooperation in 1998

Both of them ask themselves "why so much suffering" when they talk about the situation of women in their respective countries, submitted by the weight of unfair traditions, corrupt governments and laws that do not defend victims or the most disadvantaged. Questions that we could ask ourselves in any part of the world, but the difference being that in many places the context is catastrophic.

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