Presentation of the book "Thot. Pensamiento y poder en el Egipto faraónico"

On 12th April 2012 in Barcelona
Presentación del libro 'Thot. Pensamiento y poder en el Egipto faraónico'

Casa África, in collaboration with LAIE bookshop and Los Libros de la Catarata, presents the book Thot. Pensamiento y poder en el Egipto faraónico, one of the latest titles incorporated into its Essay Collection.

The presentation event will take place on Thursday 12th April at 19:00h at Laie bookshop(Pau Claris, 85. 08010 Barcelona) and will be attended by Luis Padilla Macabeo, Casa África's General Secretary and Ferrán Iniesta i Vernet, the book's author.

Ferrán Inieasta's book contradicts the image that the majority of historical films and books have transmitted about an Egypt that is populated with mummies, tombs and terror. Kémit, the Black Country, was a place of light and happiness. There was an Egyptian way of living, thinking and working; and within that particular style of envisaging a deeply African life and world, there was no room for hatred, terror and destruction. This is how professor Ferrán Iniesta tells it in a work that is not without controversy, stressing the African vitalism of ancient Egypt against existential pessimism and showing how the Egyptian culture challenged pain, fear and death with a friendly chant to universal harmony, there were Seth and Horus (the two Fighters), who complemented themselves as dynamic parts of Thot, the supreme wisdom.

The work has been edited within Casa África's Essay Collection, an editorial line aimed at giving visibility to the knowledge of African thinkers, writers and theorists as well as Africanists, so as to support the study and research on matters that deal with the continent's development and potential from a point of view that is far away from stereotypes with which we have usually tackled African reality.

For this purpose, Casa África annually awards the Essay Prizes, to encourage the investigation and dissemination of knowledge. of the current contest.

Casa África's Essay and Thinking Collection, published in collaboration with the  Editorial Los libros de la Catarata, can be obtained in bookshops and department stores all over Spain as well as on its website.

Key facts:

  • Date of the presentation: 12th April 2012
  • Place: Laie bookshop Pau Claris, 85. 08010 Barcelona
  • Time: 19:00h
  • Download
  •  of the book

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