FECIGE: South to South Travelling Film Festival

From 17th to 26th April 2012

During 2010 and , Casa África, together with the  Spanish Cultural Centres of  and , in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Equatorial Guinea and the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Equatorial Guinea, the Secretariat of State for Culture and other local and international partners, organised the first two editions of FCAT of Equatorial Guinea (African Film Festival of Equatorial Guinea).

In turn, the Cinematographic Association of Equatorial Guinea () organised at the same time a cinematographic exhibition under the title "Cinema for Citizens." Having seen the success of both contests as well as the possible changes to make the event grow and making the most of the synergies and combining efforts, in 2012 we present a joint event. In this way the South to South Travelling Film Festival of Equatorial Guinea will be the annual cinematographic event that floods the squares and streets of the cities in Equatorial Guinea.

is a Film Festival which travels through different towns of Equatorial Guinea (partly on the continent and partly on the islands), which covers African and Latin-American titles, looking for a less commercial cinema. The principle challenge is to bring films closer to the people by carrying out different activities and open air film screenings.

FECIGE, which is free and open to everyone, has among its objectives:

  • To promote the cinema of Equatorial Guinea.
  • To facilitate access to foreign and national films.
  • To encourage exchange between African and Latin American countries.
  • To serve as a means for getting together people who are related to the audiovisual medium.
  • To display and show the realities and stories of our planet and the vicissitudes of
    our human state.
  • To promote Equatorial Guinea as an area for culture and audiovisual creation.

Among the contributions that Casa África makes to FECIGE are:

The presentation of the portal, created by Casa África to break down physical barriers and put on the net, among other things, its list of activities, the first chapters of those books in its bibliographic resources that have given permission for this, trailers of films that can be requested on loan from the media library or African music from the audiovisual archive.

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