On 26th May 2012 at the Tao Club & Garden of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Casa África joins in once again with celebration of Africa Day, which takes place on 25th May to commemorate the creation of the African Union. Different activities will be held on this day (book presentations, cinema, sporting events, music, workshops, etc.)

Specifically in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and as a result of the collaboration with the Tao Club, different leisure activities will be held as part of AfrikaColor: Workshops, dancing, music and other activities that bring our African culture nearer to everyone who wants to take part. The event will be held at the Tao Club & Garden (next to Metropol Club in the capital of Gran Canaria) on Saturday 26th May from 18:00h.

With a clear intercultural spirit, this event is a place for coexistence and mutual knowledge between Africans and the community from the Canary Islands, for all of those who have always been attracted culturally to the African continent and want to know more about its music, people, laughter and colour. This initiative is for all of them as suggested by Play Color, Afrikis Canarias and Inside the Moskito Net Art Project to celebrate Africa Day.

There will be a mixture of workshops in African dance, music and percussion which will take the stage at the TAO Club & Garden so that later, from 21:30 onwards, the experience of colour, music, images and dancing can start. Those attending will be able to contribute in cultural and artistic projects undertaken in Africa.

You can get a VIP bracelet (5€ in advance and 8€ on the door) which will allow you to take part in the workshops of African dance and percussion, be able to drink beer or a refreshment, customise clothing with different designs, and have a discount on drinks all night, cover your skin in colours  with African body painting motifs and also take part in raffles and have a discount on drinks.

An entertaining cultural day that is full of activities to enjoy the African continent.

Children will be allowed until 22:00 hours.

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