Kuwamba at the University of Murcia

El 25 de mayo 2012
La Universidad de Murcia celebra el Día de África

To celebrate Africa Day, which takes place on the 25th May to commemorate the creation of the African Union, different events are held internationally and the University of Murcia has wanted to join in with a comprehensive programme that is presented below and in which Casa África takes part in by enabling the visualisation of the project Africalls? through its multimedia portal Kuwamba.

Kuwamba is a term that means "dissemination" in Swahili. But since 2011 it is also the multimedia portal through which Casa África's Media Library discloses a major part of its documentary collections and resources on the open network. This means that anybody, in any part of the world and at no cost, can to do cross searching on people, matters and knowledge areas, consult reports, texts, see photography exhibitions online and listen to music from the neighbouring continent through Radio Kuwamba, among other features.

Kuwamba is above all a gateway to African collections for anybody interested in Africa, and so that they can directly find out the opinion and view of Africans, in any area and any artistic discipline.

Using this tool, those who attend this Afrrican event at the University of Murcia planned for the 25th May, will be able to learn about the project Africalls? within the screening of documentaries planned from 15:30 onwards according to the programme held at the  University's Social Centre (Assembly Hall and Ágora)

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