Presence. An exhibition by Conor Ralphs

From 20th to 23rd June 2012 and is part of the artistic residency in Hangar BCN.
Presence. Una exposición de Conor Ralphs

Conor Ralphs is the scholarship winner of the international exchange programme between Hangar Barcelona and in Cape Town, South Africa. This exhibition is the result of his work on migration and astronomy, research he has carried out over the past year and has completed during his artistic residency in Barcelona.

This artistic residency has been possible thanks to the Casa África's sponsorship, which has made the meeting between both organisations possible. As a result of this meeting, the South African artist Conor Ralphs has carried out an artistic residency from March to June 2012 at hangar BCN. This exchange of artists will be completed during September to November when a Spanish artist will undertake a residency at Greatmore Studios.

This exhibition which is now on show can be visited from the 20th to the 23rd June 2012 at AAAB (Agency for the Support of Architecture of Barcelona. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 694) and which has the collaboration of Angelo Ferrara, an audio and installation artist from Milan, and through whom he was chosen as resident artist in Hangar by the  Kernel Festival in Italy. His work explores consciousness ideas through the use of interactive sound environments.

With this exhibition, Conor Ralphs hopes to make us reflect on the idea that we are all migrants. Our fore bearers were foreigners and our life on earth is the result of migration from matter - and probably also of life - from the stars. These are the starting points; this exhibition is about the link between the cosmos and migration, and is entitled presence. It offers some observations on human migration- illegal journeys in particular - and suggests a wider link to an impulse to migrate in other of life's spheres.


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