Etnosur 2012 Festival

From 20th to 22nd July in Alcalá la Real, Jaén

When we reach July and the heat is pressing down, in Jaén all we think about is that there is less time left for us to enjoy the festival. The programming for Etnosur2mil12 is full of events, as always with: workshops, circus, music, storytellers, forum, exhibitions, djs, cinema, video documentaries, street activities, children's programmes and the best of all: all the activities are free, which we must marvel at during times of crisis.

Casa África this year once again collaborates with this important meeting with the cultures from the World and does so in two ways: on the one hand, by offering the musical contribution of  Ethiocolor and Munit & Jörg, who both come from Ethiopia, and on the other hand by programming an African film cycle.

The  musical groups that Casa África provides EtnoSur with are the winners of Etiopía Vis a Vis, a meeting brought about by  Casa África between Spanish producers and African musicians so that these can be known in Spain through taking part in festivals such as Pirineos Sur among others.

With regards to the  African Film cycle that Casa África takes to EtnoSur, we can say it is part of , a programme created by AlTarab (organiser of the African Film Festival of Córdoba) and sponsored by Casa Africa so as to bring films from the neighbouring continent to our country. The cycle provided by Casa África will take place at the Martínez Montañez Theatre and is made up by  which last approximately  15 minutes and a feature film

All the films will be presented and commented on by the film critic Luis Moreno Torres.

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