Artistic residence of Lola Lasurt at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town

From 1st September to 30th November 2012
Residencia artística de Lola Lasurt en Greatmore Studios, Ciudad del Cabo

Casa África continues giving more of its support and collaboration to institutions and organisations, not only African but also Spanish ones, which promote the exchange of artists and encourage creative residences.

These specialist centres provide individual schooling as well as group workshops in an environment of intercultural and multidisciplinary work that promotes enrichment processes as well as cultural diversity.

By supporting the funding of these spaces for creation, Casa África hopes to strengthen its commitment to support creation in Africa and in Spain, and at the same time working with local members that manage and run the development of the specific projects.

Along these lines we see the collaboration led by Casa África, between Hangar Barcelona and Greatmore Studios of Cape Town, South Africa, with them both being privileged platforms for the development of artistic creation.

This collaboration is set by an exchange of artists and the second phase of this residency will take place this September in South Africa. The first took place when the South African artist Conor Ralphs undertook his residency in Hangar Barcelona, which finished last June.

In this second part of the exchange, the Spanish artist Lola Lasurt will enjoy an artistic residency of three months at Greatmore Studios.

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