Sub-Saharan migrations in Maghreb in a changing context

On 24th September 2012 at Casa África, the 25th at Casa Árabe and the 26th at Casa Mediterráneo
Presentación del libro "El Magreb y las migraciones subsaharianas: el papel de asociaciones y sindicatos"

The behaviour of migratory flows from western Africa has been changing over time and Maghreb countries now not only make up a region of origin and transit, but also a destination for these migrations.

Casa Árabe examines, in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung  Foundation (FES), Casa África and Casa Mediterráneo, the social and economic reality of these current Sub-Saharan immigrants, in a series of   conferences organised in order to present the book  El Magreb y las migraciones subsaharianas: el papel de asociaciones y sindicatos, published in Spanish by Casa Árabe and in French by the FES Foundation in Tunisia.

The book offers a collection of studies on Sub-Saharan migrations in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia, together with transversal analyses of European migratory policies and a compendium of life stories, interviews and testimonies from Sub-Saharan immigrants and from the social actors related to them (associations, trade unions, and local press). It includes contributions from: Sami Adouani, Mustapha ben Ahmed, Ali Bensaad, Hassen Boubakri, Rafael Bustos, Khadija Elmadmad, Laurence Hart, Nadia Khrouz, Emmanuel Mbolela, Amadou Mbow, Olivia Orozco, Gemma Pinyol, Yassine Temlali and Lothar Witte.

The presentation of this book, which will be undertaken in the headquarters of Casa África, Casa Árabe and Casa Mediiterráneo, will be accompanied with a conference by Hassen Boubakri, Geography Professor from the University of Susa (Tunisia), specialist in international migrations from the Maghreb and Mediterranenan region and local and regional development. He was a visiting researcher at the Institute for Research on Contemporary Maghreb (IRMC, its acronym in English) in Tunisia, where he coordinated a research programme on "International migrations in the Maghreb: mobility and networks." He is the author of several studies and monographs on Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia and Libya, as well as on smuggling activities, illegal and informal trafficking between both countries, and the transnational networks of migrants and Tunisian traders.

The conference and the book presentation (which can be downloaded from this link) will take place at:

Casa África. C/. Alfonso XIII, 5. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Monday 24th September. 19:00h

  • 19:00 Welcome given by Luis Padilla, Casa África's General Secretary and Olivia Orozco, coordinator for Training, Economics and Business at Casa Árabe
  • 19:10 Introduction by Juan Montero Gómez, philosopher, Africanist and in charge of the African classroom in the Unesco Chair of Gran Canaria who will also act as moderator
  • 19:20 Conference by Hassen Boubakri, geography professor at the University of Susa (Tunisia)
  • 19:50 Comments and questions
  • 20:15 Closure of the presentation

Casa Árabe. C/. Alcalá 62. Madrid. Tuesday 25th September. 19:30h

Casa Mediterráneo. Venue: University of Alicante. 26th September. 12:00h


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