Presentation of the book "La crónica de Guinea"

Viernes 19 de octubre a las 20:00h en la Casa de Ossuna (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Presentación del libro "La crónica de Guinea"

The Institute for Studies of the Canary Islands and the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of the University of La Laguna, organise the presentation of the book "La crónica de Guinea. Un modelo de etnografía comparada", by the doctors Eduardo Aznar, Dolores Corbella and Antonio Tejera (Ed. Bellaterra, Barcelona, 2012), published within Casa África's History and Politics Collection.

This work serves to make known the Portuguese expansion in the Southern Atlantic. Its author, the court chronicler Gomes Eannes de Zurara, used in his writing the detailed reports sent to the court by expeditionaries, which is why his information can be considered as "first hand." The work is focused on the figure of Prince Enrique and in the travels that were undertaken under his aegis until 1453, which cover the historic journey from Cape Boujdour to the arrival at the Gambia River region. Besides the discovery itself, the story offers very important details on the populations found by the navigators, (Azanegas, Guineans and those from the Canary Islands) their habitats, dress, arms, food, etc.

The presentation will take place on Friday 19th October at 20:00h in Casa de Ossuna and will be under the responsibility of Dr. Roser Salicrú i Lluch, scientific title holder at CSIC, Barcelona.

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