The voice of the mornings of RNE at Casa África

On the 21st February 2013 in Casa África's central courtyard.
El equipo de ’El día menos pensado’ al completo

El equipo de ’El día menos pensado’ al completo. De arriba abajo y de izquierda a derecha, Chema García Langa, Mar del Val, Manolo HH, Miguel Ángel Domínguez, Mara Peterssen, Lola Funchal, Mónica Sáinz, Guillermo Mercado y Maribel Sánchez de Haro.

The journalist Manuel Hernández Hurtado, better known as Manolo H. H., is the voice of the mornings of Radio Nacional since last September with El día menos pensado, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday from  6am to 12pm.

As previously undertaken by Angels Barceló with his programme Hora 25 or by broadcasting En días como hoy, Manolo H.H. has also chosen Casa África's headquarters' central courtyard in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria to broadcast from here his programme which he will do so on 21st February .

Manolo H. H. has had a long career on the public radio. For 12 years he was the early morning voice for Radio Nacional (RNE), first with the space De la noche al día and afterwards with La noche menos pensada.

During his professional career in RNE, which took off in 1983, he has directed and presented a large number of programmes in Radio Cadena Española, Radio 5 Todo Noticias and Radio Nacional.

Since 2009 he has combined duties as a editor and presenter of the programmes Puntos de vista and Paisajes y sabores of Radio Exterior de España.

Manolo HH now heads up El día menos pensado, a programme that is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Radio Nacional with a current affairs magazine format, which besides offering the latest information, does not forget to be entertaining and full of humour.

The choral radio sets the pulse of a radio space where matters such as psychology, economics, gastronomy, or travel are all present with a special emphasis on young people and their concerns and needs.

The genre of the party experience with a new twist in the tale from the hand of people in the street, professionals from different sectors who help us better understand the society in which we live.

We should not forget the collaborators. Juan Luis Arsuaga, Manolo Fernández and Joaquín Araújo are some of them.

All of this added to an enthusiastic  of professionals from RNE who will add an African flavour to their daily work during the the broadcast on the 21st February from Casa África's central courtyard.

The public will be able to see the programme live from seven to eleven in the morning (Canary Island time ) as per the following programme of performances:

  • 07.00 hours Start of the programme's broadcast
  • 07.30 hours Interview with José Manuel Soria by telephone
  • 08.05 hours Interview with Paulino Rivero in the courtyard. 
  • 08.25 hours Interview with Santiago Martínez-Caro in the courtyard.
  • 08.35 hours Call to Gonzalo Robles by telephone
  • 09.05 hours Interview with Juan José Cardona in the courtyard. 
  • 09.35 hours Performanace by Pablo Yuste
  • 10.05 hours Interview with Lucas Pérez, Radio ECCA's director
  • 10.50 hours End of broadcast

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