Tenders and projects from the African Development Bank. Zaragoza 2013

18th April 2013 in Zaragoza
Jornada sobre las licitaciones internacionales del Banco Africano de Desarrollo en Zaragoza

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is an international institution that is dedicated to promoting development in African countries through infrastructure, governance, higher education and the private sector projects.

This multilateral organisation has set itself some ambitious targets over the next few years , among which include ensuring that 80% of the rural African population and 74% of the inhabitants of cities in the continent have access to water networks before   2015.

The African Development Bank is strengthening its strategy to guarantee that water reaches the maximum number of people. From January to July 2012, this international institution financed 54 projects in more than 20 countries on the African continent, for a value of  3.45 billion dollars.

The projects in the Infrastructures sector are those that have the greatest index of approval. Among other activities, the works include the supply of drinking water, the management of water resources, sanitation networks, the construction of infrastructure buildings and the writing up of regulations that will allow an effective management of water.

This offers an excellent outlook for all the Aragonese companies who have worked in this field and want to look for business opportunities abroad.

Through the express request of this seminar’s organisers in Zaragoza and after having analysed those sectors of special interest for Aragonese companies, el AfDB will focus its exhibition on:

  • Water: sanitation and channelling
  • Energy: Sustainable energy fund for Africa (SEFA)
  • Engineering works: bridge over the river Gambia and improvement of accesses between Senegal and Gambia.

Among the companies present at the Seminar there are Engineering firms, public work companies, consulting companies specialising in Water and renewable energy companies.

There are many Spanish companies that wish to make the leap abroad in search of new opportunities, but many of them do not know how to do so. International tenders are a good starting point for Spanish companies to make first contact with our neighbouring continent and to start up a relationship that is usually beneficial to both parties.

The internationalisation of companies and exporting actions are good ways to emerge from the crisis, being aware of the economic reality but also the motivation of business people to cross borders, taking up new businesses and consolidating their brand in other countries, although often through lack of knowledge companies often do not have access to these projects.

Therefore events like this are held and which will take place on 18th April 2013 at the Assembly Hall of the Edificio CREA (Avd. Ranillas, 20. 50018 Zaragoza) following this programme.

Information about the Seminar:

  • Place: Assembly Hall of the Edificio CREA (Avd. Ranillas, 20. 50018 Zaragoza)
  • Date: Tuesday 18th April 2013
  • Time: 11 a.m.
  • More information and registration at the Confederation on Entrepreneurs of Aragón (CREA)


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