Titirimundi 2013. Theatre of puppets and marionettes

From the 10th to 15th May 2013 in Segovia
Titirimundi 2012. Teatro de títeres y marionetas
The International Festival of Puppet Theatre of Segovia, Titirimundi, is 28 years old in its 20133 edition, after having grown into "one of the best known and most prestigious open air puppet festivals"- as professionals from different countries and public claim, and one of the only ones developed annually and that has its features.

From the 10th to the 15th May thousands of people this year will enjoy a Titirimundi which will be held intensively over 6 days, with performances in different locations and in the Segovia capital, in whose squares, streets, historic patios, churches and theatres, different companies from countries such as Germany, Belgium, Mali, Spain, France, Argentina, U.S. or the United Kingdom will take part.

Casa África has collaborated in the management which makes possible the presence of the Sogolón company at this important festival, originating from Mali and which took part in the 2008 edition of Titirimundi. This time the company presents the show "The Lion Hunter", with ancient puppet characters which evoke characters related to the savannah, its animals and men form African villages.

The stories that Sogolón relates are inspired in epic stories of war, tales and legends of love, goodness and evil. There is originality, a special artistic language and exquisite productions, a luxury that is hard to see and easy to enjoy.

All the information is on the festival's website and in the programme in PDF.

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