MiradasDoc returns, with a focus on Niger


Momento de la rueda de prensa de presentación del festival

The MiradasDoc Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival begins its fifth edition today (Friday), once again reserving a very special place for images arriving fom the African continent and with the collaboration, among other entities, of the Isora municipality city government and Casa África. Kinshasa Symphony, a work by Martin Baer about the miracle of a symphonic orchestra from Kinshasa; El problema (The Problem), by Jordi Ferrer, which focuses on the reality of Western Sahara, and Semillas que el mar arrastra (Seeds Dragged by the Sea), the latest project completed by the Senegalese Samba Sarr, who passed away recently and was a frequent participant in MiradasDoc, are some of the African alternatives in this festival.

The fifth edition of MiradasDoc presents documentaries such as the ones mentioned above, but it also focuses on a vision of Africa from the perspective of Nigerian directors with  Focus África, a section that is dedicated to documentary films completed in the neighbouring continent and for which MiradasDoc has become a well-known reference.

For the third consecutive year, Casa África has renewed its commitment with MiradasDoc, one of the international references of films from and about Africa, in this case documentaries. It consists of an initiative that joins the list of great African cinematic references with which Casa África collaborates, including the Tarifa African Film Festival, the Equatorial Guinea African Film Festival, and FESPACO (Ouagadougou).



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