Cine África returns to A Coruña

Cine África en A Coruña

Imágen de la edición 2010 de Cine África en A Coruña

The A Coruña Regional Government is organising the 2nd Africa Film Season 2010, which will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of November, with the support of Casa África and through the Cinenómada programme, created by the Al-Tarab NGDO and sponsored by this institution.

Casa África considers culture to be a way of understanding one another, and also as a way of generating wealth and employment and contributing towards the development of the African continent. In addition, it also believes that films are a privileged tool for understanding other realities and increasing awareness in the 21st century, a century in which citizens from all over the world share universal visual codes and are committed to denouncing injustices, improving their societies, and creating a space for understanding and global creation through art.  

For these reasons, Casa África is participating in MiradasDoc, the Tarifa African Film Festival, the Equatorial Guinea African Film Festival and FESPACO (Ouagadougou), and it has recently published Cinematografías de África. Un encuentro con sus protagonistas, a reference work by Guadalupe Arensburg that was presented at the Madrid Book Fair and the International African Literature Expo.



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