Casa África presents the 'Muñecos por el desarrollo' (Puppets for Development) project in the context of CICCA´s 'Animated Puppets' exhibit

Magaly Miranda, Antonio Aragón y Ricardo Martínez, durante la presentación.

Magaly Miranda, Antonio Aragón y Ricardo Martínez, durante la presentación.

This morning, the Centro de Iniciativas de La Caja de Canarias (CICCA) became the stage for the presentation of the Muñecos Animados exhibit and the Muñecos por el Desarrollo (Puppets for Development) project, an event which was led by Magaly Miranda, director of the Obra Social de La Caja de Canarias; Antonio Aragón, a representative of Román y Compañía, and Ricardo Martínez, the general director of Casa África.

Muñecos Animados is the Madrid-based production company where Manuel Román (supervisor of project design and creation) works, along with Antonio Aragón (production manager) and Eduardo Guerrero (in the animation department and in handling the puppets). They have been working for thirty years in the production of figures for theatre, films, television and advertising, and it´s precisely this journey through three decades of existence and the most emblematic projects they have worked on what may be enjoyed at the CICCA starting tomorrow (Thursday) through January 15th.

Taking advantage of the exhibit´s presentation, Ricardo Martínez explained to the media how Muñecos Animados works, in cooperation with AECID, Casa de América and Casa África in the Fundación Muñecos por el Desarrollo (Puppets for Development Foundation) initiative, which will make it possible to train professions in the production of children´s programmes using puppets in five African and five Latin American countries. The objective is for these countries to benefit from the know-how that exists in Spain so they may have their own children´s programmes that convey the positive values of solidarity, integration and tolerance.



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