Casa África launches a dual project to disseminate African music throughout Spain

Radio Kuwamba can be listened to from Casa África's website and from the Blog África Vive.

Radio Kuwamba can be listened to from Casa África's website and from the Blog África Vive.

Casa África launches two ambitious projects whose aim is to disseminate African music for free online all over Spain. Radio Kuwamba and Semilla Negra. Radio Kuwamba is an online music channel that is accessible from Casa África's website and through which anybody anywhere in the world can listen to music from the neighbouring continent continuously for free. Kuwamba means diffusion in Swahili and the contents that the radio has available include more than 10,000 songs, which are increased with the requests from the users and releases from African record companies.

On the other hand, Semilla Negra is an online radio programme that delves didactically into African music with a weekly selection of about twenty songs that are accompanied by a text on the artists, their influence, references and African musical movements and connection with the rest of the world. It was created with the intention of building up a real map that would give us an approximate idea of the continent's incredible musical wealth through a succession of episodes, three of which have already appeared, and are launched into cyberspace every Thursday on Casa África's Blog África Vive. Both projects are fed by the musical contents of Casa África's Media Library, and they can also be borrowed within the Network of Libraries in the Canary Islands (BICA).

Carlos Fuentes, a musical journalist is the author of  Semilla Negra and he has already explained through this initiative the path trodden on by the music of West Africa from the times of the Griots up til today ,  jazz  that is created in the Horn of Africa or the relationship of the African musicians with theWomad.


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