Casa África remembers Cesária Évora with a monographic special episode of "Semilla Negra"

Cesaria Évora, before going on stage.

Cesaria Évora, before going on stage.

The barefoot diva left us forever this Saturday. Few people have done do much for music in Africa as Cesaria Évora. From Casa África we want to pay tribute to her, and what better tribute than to listen to her music, her voice, her marvellous morna. For this, we have prepared a special episode of Semilla Negra, the musical programme from Blog África Vive, with a list reproducing her best songs. The text, from the journalist Carlos Fuentes, looks back at her life, puts into context all her work and values everything this woman has done, she who put Cape Verde on the world music map.

From here you can access the special episode dedicated to the singer from Cape Verde in a Semilla Negra Special: Remebering Cesaria Évora. Some songs included are Mar Azul, Saudade, Petit Pays, Ausencia in an important two hour review of her music, with songs from her records, collaborations with other artists and even live shows.

Only took weeks ago, Casa África devoted a Semilla Negra episode to the archipelago of Cape Verde and its sounds. Obviously the shadow of Cesaria was in all the words and her influence could be seen in the majority of the songs. This episode demonstrated very well what Cesaria has meant for Cape Verde and what morna is for these islands, as Carlos Fuentes says: it is what the tango is to Argentina, the bolero to Cuba and flamenco to Spain.

There goes the tribute from Casa África to Cesaria. Lets all take our shoes off to listen to her. May she rest in peace.




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