The African city, subject of the fifth edition of Casa África's Essay Contest

The prize is for 3,500 euros together with the publication of the winning essay in the Essay Collection.

The prize is for 3,500 euros together with the publication of the winning essay in the Essay Collection.

Casa África's opens up the fifth edition of its essay contest tomorrow, 15th March. The theme chosen this time is Challenges and opportunities for African urban development. The prize is made up from the publication of the winning essay in the essay collection that the institution and Libros de La Catarata edit together with a prize of 3,500 euros for the author. The fifth edition of Casa África's Essay Contest will be open until the 15th July.

This year's prizes focus on the African city, its development, its present and future and cover many disciplines, which go from urban planning or traditional architecture to demography, sustainability, environment, sociology or economy, with the towns of this African continent being the epicentre.

The essays that are presented for this Casa África prize should be original, unpublished and not have won any prizes in other competitions or be pending a decision. They must neither be subject to third party rights, and the person who signs the work is responsible for this. They can be written in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese, and should be around 15,000 to 20,000 words written in arial font 12. Only one essay per author will be accepted, although the same essay may be signed by several authors.

Casa África's Essay Prizes intends to recognise, give incentives to and disseminate original and unpublished essays so that they can contribute to a better knowledge of the African continent. Over the last few years, Casa África has published, in collaboration with Libros de La Catarata, four publications of this type, which make up part of the institution's Essay Collection. The first of these publications was a volume with three essays by Gustau Nerín Abad, Óscar Mateos Martín, Vicente J. Montes Gan and Eva Medina Moral, and dealt with Spanish sovereignty in Muni at the beginning of the 20th century, post-war reconstruction in Sierra Leone and governability and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. These were followed by Nigeria. Las brechas de un petroestado, by the journalist Aloia Álvarez Feáns; La agricultura africana, by professor Miguel Ángel López Martín, and Redes sociales para el cambio en África, by Carlos Bajo Erro and Antoni Castel Tremosa.



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