Premios de Ensayo Casa África 2008

Essay Prizes

Gustau Nerín, Óscar Mateos Martín, Vicente J. Montes Gan and Eva Media Moral. This book gathers the three award-winning texts in the first call for the Casa África Essay Prizes. The subjects covered provide an in-depth look at relations between Sub-Saharan Africa and Spain from distinct viewpoints: history, economic development and democratic consolidation processes. The aim of the prizes is to encourage and disseminate research offering a plural and dynamic image of this region of the African continent, far removed from the simplified and homogenous views that have formed part of the Western worldview.

Casa África aims by publishing these works to provide tools for reflection that enable us to build a more precise and less stereotyped contemporary panorama of the African countries, and to showcase historic and current connection points that enhance mutual knowledge between African and Spanish citizens.


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